Each and every product that we sell is accompanied with a full money-back guarantee for any defect in manufacture or any shortfall in the features claimed by us.

Here is what the Ex Director, Nehru Planetarium, Delhi has to say about us :

“I have known the telescopes made by you over a period of 10 years. During this time the quality of the reflecting optics like the objective mirror and the diagonal have been consistently high. The eyepieces are on par with eyepieces manufactured by other Indian telescope makers…Regarding the mechanical mountings of the telescope these have improved greatly over the years.”

Mrs. N. Raghavan
Ex Director, Nehru Planetarium,New Delhi

Here is what our customers say :

The 2½” f/8 reflector I bought from you in 1978 at a ridiculously low price (much less than that of a good pair of glasses) is a wonderful instrument with excellent optics and a sturdy stand and it has fulfilled all the guarantee you had given for what celestial objects (e.g. the 4 moons of Jupiter, rings of Saturn, the beautiful landscape of the Moon etc.) I could observe with it. Moreover, the aluminium coating of the mirror is still quite good even after more than 10 years of service.
The 4? f/5 rich field telescope which you supplied to me later (with a true field of over 2 degrees) has unfolded to me objects which I could never have dreamed to locate (e.g. M-3, M-13 etc.) with such ease and clarity. The small but very efficient finder scope which you are now supplying with your scopes makes aiming a pleasure.
With your ingenuity to make available excellent instruments at the minimum possible cost, you are serving the cause of bringing astronomy at the doorstep of the common man with modest means, really well.

K.S. Medhora,Bombay.

I am using ‘Sharp Vision’ 4? telescope for the last 3-½ years. Its optical quality is excellent. I found it 75% of the 8? famous Celestron telescope. Stars very much close to each other are seen clearly with 2X Barlow lens. Faint Messier objects are also seen clearly with 1? eyepiece. Rack and pinion focussing arrangement made in PVC material is fine for its smooth operation and accuracy. PVC material of the telescope has made them light-weight, portable, rust-free and also maintenance-free.

V.S. Taiwade,Bombay.

I have purchased a deluxe model telescope from you in 1984. I am fully satisfied with your instrument and in appreciation of it, I herewith offer you my honourary services to your customers, in demonstration, if they wish. Thank you very much for the best quality product supplied to me as it was promised in your advertisement.

 Nandkishor M. Joshi,Rajkot.

What a best telescope this is been?  In one night I observed saturn,M4,M6,M7,M57,M22 and still finding great……

Dear Mr Mathur,

First, let me introduce myself as a long-time patron of yours. I have bought my first telescope from you, your “Deluxe” model in 2002.

In 2006, I exchanged the Deluxe model for a “Star Gazer”. I visited your office in Shalimar Garden for this, bringing my Star Gazer from Bangalore, since I had moved to Bangalore after my purchase. I must say that you gave me a good deal on that exchange!

Now, six years later, I would like to come back to you for upgrade my Star Gazer for the Galaxy I telescope. This time, unfortunately, I’ll not be able to come to Delhi. So, can you tell me if I can exchange my telescope, and if yes, how can I parcel it to you to get my new one?

Also, I think I can take the Kit for Galaxy and make it since I have an understanding of where each component goes! Let me know which all suggested components I need to purchase along with the kit. I would like the camera attachment and sun screen along with the kit. Let me know if they are available in the kit or if I have to purchase separately.


I used the telescope built by you in the year  1979 and found it to be most entertaining. At that time it cost me Rs 600.00 The telescope is no more but the beautiful booklet is still with me. I remember my meeting with you in the year 1983 at your Hauzkhas office cum workshop if I am not mistaken. I still remember your warmth.

My interest toward   sky is still alive. As I was searching some books I came across the booklet and I am writing to you.

You might have improved variety of telescope now. I will be happy if you kindly send me your catalogue of your new models including price.

Venkat Kiran

almost a year has been passed I got my telescope.within this time I enjoyed many moments with scope.I will not forget those saturn rings,best jupiter,venus phases,moon,omega centauri,orion nebula and many.Now a few remains to complete my messiers.I also observed hundreds of ngc objects.Till today I have got some of PN- m27,m57,m97,ghost of jupiter,eskimo nebula,ngc 4861.and waiting for many more.I have obaserved many galaxies including ngc best of those would be m81,m82.with this scope I have observed many popular objects but still waiting for mars.telescope is working same as that of first day i used.only problem i am facing is coma,otherwise nothing.This scope has introduced me to a new world. thanks sir

Harshvardhan M.

Hello Sir, No i have never used the camera attachment till now.  If i use the camera attachment, the T adapter is not required right… am not sure much as i have not tried it till now… can you tell me procedure of using camera attachment for photography, like do we  need to remove eyepiece etc would be helpful for me

But i have used just a cell phone just holding in hand (without camera attachment) to record sun spots.. here are few videos shot (all of them are HD) from the same 8 inch telescope using solar filter..

Probably you can show to anyone (customers) who wants to know how sun spots is visible in 8 inch telescope…

I have many objects using this 8 inch telescope including uranus, neptune, andromeda and orion nebula where the dark gaseous clouds is clearly visible.

Vinayak Sherkhane

Excellent and thank you very much for the pictures and instructions for camera attachment.. i will try it..

I have also tried 8 inch and 12 inch maksutov cassegrain which is present in 1 institution near my place and the product “Space Conqueror” (8 inch) bought from you provides excellent images of Orion nebula with the hot gas clouds clearly visible which can be compared to that.

I also have a query for you, do you handle anything which is very bigger telescopes with mirror sizes such as 32 inch or 40 inch… (Example 32 inch dobsonian) and if you are handling or manufacturing any huge telescope, could you let me know how much does that cost

Sir, I took this photo using space conq. and my mobile camera

Vinayak Sherkhane.

I had viewed Moon, Jupitor & Satrun. Thank you  very much for providing me the Telescope.

If I purchase eyepieces with more power , can I use with this telescope? How much power eyepiece will support with  this telescope?

How to take photos from telescope?

Ramu B. Anand 

I have purchased galaxy 1 second hand for rs 5000/-
Quality is very good.
Mount is sturdy.
I have seen beehive cluster yesterday. AMAZING EXPERIENCE!

Rup Nath Upadhyaya

I am sending you a few pics of the telescope. It’s doing wonders for me thanks to you. Took it out first time to kausali. Took me 15 min to dismantle and then put it up back again. It is heavy because of 19mm wood but because it can be broken down it’s not difficult to carry. Still need to do a few more changes as the rocker base is not very smooth. Currently using a metal washer between the bottom and ground board. Used a cd with teflon pads but again was not very smooth.

Saw the moon like never before from it. Jupiter was better than I expected.

Planning to attach my dslr to it and also a webcam for planets.

Where can I get a t ring and adaptor plus a web cam attachment from ?

I received the yesterday by mail and I am glad to say that it arrived in good health and with good packaging. After assembling, I have taken a look at most of the bright objects and I can say that the mirrors are also well made. There is some problem with the barlow lenses as the focuser requires excess inside travel to focus which is not possible. However, I think lifting the primary mirror with the adjustment screws will solve the problem.

I am hereby giving a overall positive review for the product.

Also, if anyone wishes to contact me for review, you can provide them this e-mail if you wish.

Hope to shop with you again in the future.

Bhaskar Kumawat

And finally, a few words from us :

I have been totally involved in the manufacture of quality astro-telescopes since 1977. It started first only as a hobby, but by continuous public demand and support, it has blossomed into my full time profession. I have been encouraged and praised so much by my customers that the only way by which I can think of showing my gratitude is by involving myself more and more in maintaining and improving the quality of my products.

V.C. Mathur